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January 18, 2019: Karolina Dehnhard to Speak at Global Congress of Polonia Summit >
By: Karolina Dehnhard

January 16, 2019: Phil Chronakis Wins $1.1M Jury Verdict in NYC Trial on Renoir Art Fraud >
New York Post
By: Philip C. Chronakis

October 30, 2018: Terence Camp: NJ ICLE Panel Presents “Libel/Slander and Why Clients Need to Worry" -Credible Claims and Defenses” >
By: Terence W. Camp

October 29, 2018: New Jersey Paid Sick Leave Law Update >
By: Joshua L. Weiner

October 1, 2018: Karolina Dehnhard named one of the Law Journal's Top Women in the Law 2018 >
New Jersey Law Journal

September 27, 2018: Karolina Dehnhard, Esq., authors article “Divorce over 50: A Gray Area” in the Fall issue of VueNJ Magazine >
By: Karolina Dehnhard

September 21, 2018: Terence W. Camp: Music News: U.S. Senate Passes Music Modernization Act >
By: Terence W. Camp

September 6, 2018: Karolina A. Dehnhard and David R. Tawil Promoted to Shareholder >

August 24, 2018: Karolina Dehnhard, Esq., has been chosen by the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America as this year's Women of Action Honoree for her leadership skills, contribution and advocacy on behalf of the organization and women who suffer with multiple sclerosis worldwide . >

August 20, 2018: Karolina Dehnhard, Esq., was named President of the Polish-American Chamber of Commerce for the Northeast Corridor. >

August 7, 2018: Budd Larner Follows Up Guaifenesin and Nasonex Trial Wins With a Trial Victory for Dr. Reddy's Laboratories in Omeprazole OTC >
By: Andrew J. Miller