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Healthcare Law

The firm has extensive experience in all aspects of healthcare law, ranging from corporate transactions to Medicare and Medicaid regulations to medical staff and licensing issues. The firm's attorneys provide expert counsel and representation in:

  • Corporation, Limited Liability Company and Partnership Issues: Forming, reorganizing and dissolving healthcare business entities and associations.
  • Contracts, Sales, Mergers and Joint Ventures: Representing healthcare clients in structuring and implementing business transactions, including real estate transactions and document negotiation and structure.
  • Employment Matters: Assisting healthcare clients in complying with regulatory requirements and addressing employment and personnel issues such as non-compete covenants.
  • Regulatory Issues: Advising and representing healthcare clients with respect to federal and state regulation, including Medicare, Medicaid, Fraud and Abuse, licensing, environmental and antitrust matters.
  • Managed Care: Advising and assisting healthcare clients in dealing with managed care issues, negotiating provider agreements with third party payors; and forming and operating of managed care entities.
  • Litigation: Representing healthcare clients in prosecuting and defending contract, commercial, employment, antitrust and regulatory actions in courts of law.
  • Administrative Law Matters: Representing healthcare professionals who have been charged with violations of the law, or have been the subject of investigations by New Jersey professional boards.
  • Hospital Boards: Representing healthcare professionals before hospital boards regarding the limitation or withdrawal of privileges.
  • Intellectual Property: Representing healthcare clients in protecting their copyright, trademark, trade name and intellectual property.
  • Tax Issues: Advising and assisting healthcare clients on tax and tax exempt entity requirements and issues.
  • Medical Malpractice Defense: Defending healthcare practitioners in medical malpractice lawsuits.




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