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Unionization Trends: An Ounce of Prevention

January 2017

There have been many unionization trends throughout the years, both postive and negative. For many years unions were losing more union elections than employers. Very recently the opposite is occurring. Unions are winning many more elections and
by higher margins. Two- and three-to-one vote ratios are not unusual. One question is: What is occurring to cause such a seismic change? There are many factors with which unionized and non-unionized employers should be concerned. First, certain industries have hired more and more immigrants from countries where unions are prevalent such as those in South America. Second, many industries are more susceptible to unionization even though all are vulnerable: trucking, warehousing, construction, health care, media, real estate management, utilities, security companies, colleges and universities, small family companies, cleaning companies, and companies which have back office clerical such as insurance companies. Also, the NLRB has issued new rules that have shortened the time to hold an election to three to four weeks from the filing of a petition. Previously companies had six weeks to over eight weeks to conduct a campaign. Read more . . .

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